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 Rai Vertigo (non-kekkei genkai jutsu)

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Rai Vertigo (non-kekkei genkai jutsu) Empty
PostSubject: Rai Vertigo (non-kekkei genkai jutsu)   Rai Vertigo (non-kekkei genkai jutsu) I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Dec - 1:51

Name:Suiton: Mizuame Nabara - Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field
Hand Seals/Charge up:Ram → Tiger
Description:The user spits out high-viscosity, chakra infused water, aimed at a surface of wide scope. This is a stream of sticky liquid which can be used to form an adhesive trap that can inhibit a person's mobility. One can effectively reduce their enemy's area of activity with this technique, and has the effect of being able to take complete control over the battlefield. The normal scope of this technique is normally just a few meters, but if prepared, it is also possible to make an entire pond of starch syrup. Being caught in the technique can be avoided by channeling chakra to one's feet allowing one to walk upon it uninhibited, beforehand.

Name: Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Rank: D-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Used For: Supplementary
Element: Earth Release
Range: 10m
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: None
Description: This technique conceals the user underground and drags the object of their attack down into the earth, robbing them of their freedom. In addition, they can start another attack.

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Range: Up to 50 meters of your original position
Duration: 1 Post
Hand Seals/Charge up: Ram
Description: The Body Flicker Technique is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination. (May not initiate an attack until the next post. This applies to all techniques akin to this jutsu.)
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Rai Vertigo (non-kekkei genkai jutsu)
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