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 Shinobi Ranks

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PostSubject: Shinobi Ranks   Wed 21 Jun - 21:44

Shinobi Ranking

The Shinobi Ranking is the rank given to an individual for completing various missions and proving oneself in tests of some kind.

Academy Student - The lowest rank, not even considered a shinobi at this points, and are still learning to preform their shinobi duties.

Genin - The first official rank of Shinobi, they do all the simple things around the village, and more experienced Genin may preform jobs outside the village.

Chunin - The next rank up, they begin taking on serious missions, and teaching Genin or leading new teams.

Special Jonin - An honorary rank given to Chunin who show exceptional skill in a particular ability, but not quite an actual jonin.

Jonin - The top of the line shinobi, granted only to the best of the best. The best of this rank are sent on the most important missions, and the top secret ones as well.

Danger Ranking

The Danger Ranking is ranking how dangerous an individual is. This is increased by collecting Experience Points.

E Rank - The lowest rank, All Academy Students start here. 0 Experience Required

D Rank - Still learning, but more skilled than those still in school. Characters starting as Genin begin here. 50 Experience Required

C Rank - Better than D rank, they are decently skilled enough to make it on their own if they are missing, and a good accet to any village. Both Chunin and Special Jonin start here. 500 Experience Points Required

B Rank - Very strong, and dangerous on their own, and a great asset anywhere, and a dangerous foes. Jonin begin here. 2,500 Experience Points Required

A Rank - Perhaps the highest rank most individuals ever reach. Kages begin here, though only the weakest of Kage begin. 5,000 Experience Points Required

S Rank - A great danger, they would be the strongest of shinobi, and your average great Kage. None can start here. 15,000 Experience Points Required

S+ Rank - An extremely rare thing, they are so dangerous, even most Kage have trouble with anyone of this rank. 50,000 Experience Points Required
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Shinobi Ranks
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