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 Kurome Hozuki WIP

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Kurome Hozuki

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PostSubject: Kurome Hozuki WIP   Kurome Hozuki WIP I_icon_minitimeTue 30 Dec - 15:22

Name(required): Kurome Hozuki
Clan(optional): Hozuki
Age(Required): 29
Species(Required):Human (Also since when was Kisame half shark?)
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation(required): Heterosexual
Blood Type(Optional): A-
Date Of Birth(Optional): 10/09
Character Personality(Required): When one first meets Kurome, seems arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and prone to make fun of his own comrades. He strives to be the strongest and looked down on those he considered weak, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path. Due to his outlook on his weak comrades he tends to care very reluctant in helping them he usually suggests that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help. Namely something they have that interest him or if they are men he asks for their manhood as 'they no longer need it'. The only things he appeared to truly care about were the strength and reputation of his group/team/crew, and he became enraged every time someone made fun of it. When enrage his actions become brutal, and his sense of humor becomes far more twisted than before.

Though around people he deem his equal or stronger than him, He comes off far more light-hearted. He lets off a few jokes and even shows a slight lecherous side to him (though to be honest he has no idea what he is doing). He can be a pretty uptight person and he is a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance things around him. He is very perceptive when it comes to things being out of place. He hates dirty and unkempt things which makes it hard for him to get along with others especially if they have a naturally unappealing appearance. He has habit of pointing out even the smallest flaw in one's appearance. Though once you get past that, he is kind and considerate person who is always willing to give his opinion on a subject.

On that note Kurome unlike his father, he doesn't understand women or how exactly to speak or act around him. The only advice he ever received about them came from his father, he is meant to have a double standard when it comes to women. Rather then pointing at every little flaw as obviously and harshly as possible, he attempts to be subtle with it but he will fix something if it bothers him enough. Which usually either comes off as him being a pervert, no matter how pure his intention originally was. Sadly he is also horribly dense when it comes to women and their own feelings, causing him to do whatever he pleases; With whomever he pleases.

Kurome has quite a few hobbies, he likes to play the violin, read novels, and drink wine/coffee/tea in the dawn or dusk. He also has quite a few unexpected and could be considered womanly hobbies such as cooking, housekeeping, sewing, and even knitting. Yet he still has otherwise manly interests, though they mostly relate with guns and swords fortunately. Fun fact: he is also a habitual smoker.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 156lbs
Makeup/Facepaint: N/A
Hairstyle(s): Short and slick back

Fear(s): Squirrels
Strength(s)(Required): Near Immunity to physical damage, Genjutsu
Weakness(es)(Required): Nintaijutsu, the occasional fig newton
Personal Quote(Optional): "Please hand me your manhood, as you no longer need it."


Brother(s)(If any):
Sister(s)(If any):
Aunt(s)(if Any):
Uncle(s)(If any):
Significant Other(If any):
Children(If any):

Ninja Information

Birth Village:
Current Village: [Could be the same as the birth village]
Academy Graduation Age:
Chūnin Promotion Age: (only if you have graduated from Genin)
Rank: [Chūnin,Academy Student,Genin]
Ninja Status: [Villager or Missing nin?]
Orginazation?: [Try to avoid this!]
Teammates: [This isn't needed]
Sensei: [Could also be your OC's father/mother, or someone they look up to]
Nindo:[Your ninja way!]
Chakra Element: [Earth,Wind,Water,Fire,etc](start out with two)
Specialties(start with two for now; Summoning Justu, genjustu, ninjustu)
Weapon(s): [Leave blank for now]

[Leave blank except for Kekkei Genkai]
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Kurome Hozuki WIP
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