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PostSubject: Davorin   Davorin I_icon_minitimeFri 26 Dec - 7:59

Name: Davorin Uchiha
Clan: Uchiha
Age: 24
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood Type: AB
Date Of Birth: 1/12

Character Personality:
Davorin has the appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty and confident. He is repeatedly described as a handsome man with a beautiful face by his peers. He claims to love humanity, and greatly enjoys putting people in miserable or chaotic situations in order to observe their reactions. With a thorough understanding of human behavior and tendencies, he is able to determine people's thoughts and predict their reactions with high accuracy. Davorin is cunning and charming but despite this, women are not interested in him and he isn't very interested in women as well. He has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames. But unlike all of this he prefers to keep silent. Not because he doesn't want to interact with people or that he cant, but because he would rather observe humanity than cast them into chaos.

But like a book, this is only the cover. Underneath the sociopath cover, Davorin tends to be more of a reserved person when it comes to his feelings. He feels that he requires people to see him as someone that they can trust, but otherwise fear if crossed. Some say that it's the curse of hatred, but Davorin explains it as wanting a place to belong. He isn't good as expressing his own emotions, thus he uses his approach to deal with other people in a social environment. Davorin lives in a paradox of emotion, he wants to be left alone and untouched but at the same time he wants to be known for who he is but he is not boastful of his lineage because he believes that people must find their own way of being remembered.

Like most of his Uchiha brethren, hes is very observant in other people strengths and weaknesses. Able to tell one's emotion through hypothetical reason. Davorin , like most of the Uchihas have a special love for the ones they care about, but like with them all it can prove to be the downfall of their sanity. Davorin can't help but have a simmering hatred after the death of his fostering parents, the only one's that knew him, and the unyielding fact he will never get to know his biological parents. He ultimately feels like an outcast, as if he doesn't belong, thus resulting in a cold tone in his voice. He speaks in intellect and often bullies those without much understanding in his vocabulary.

Underneath all of the emotional strife and psychological stress, one thing remains true within Davorin . His path of conquest. He wants to be remembered in the world as a powerful Shinobi that had an influence to change the views of others. In general Davorin want's to mold the world into his own liking, defining the greater points of the sociopath behavior and observations of humanity. However, his path of conquest yields many obstacles that will challenge they very psyche he has. He doesn't want to be consumed by his hatred, but he doesn't want to give the world a peaceful solution, believing that humanity can only evolve when those who stop it are destroyed. In essence, Davorin wants to be the pillar that binds earth and peace.

Looks and Appearance

Davorin 58a19410

Body Type/Looks:
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 160
Makeup/Facepaint: NA
Hairstyle(s): NA

Despite his reserved inner nature, Davorin doesn't want to be alone. He fears that his own actions or overall views will deter people from wanting anything to do with him. He does what he can to make friend where he needs them, but can't help but doubt the reality that his friends will not always be there. If there is one concept that Davorin can grasp is love, a very initial trait of his Uchiha blood. As much as he wants to grow attached and love people, he understands his role as a shinobi and ultimately shuts out people that want to be in his life. He feels that if he lets people in to far that they will either not like him anymore, or he will fall prey to the curse of hatred if anything ever happened to them.

Davorin is deeply afraid of failure. He doesn't want his progression to come to a halt because of obstacle that block him. He uses this fear as a motivation to keep him going and to never stop striving for bigger and greater thing. The biggest fear he has of failure is his path of conquest crumbling before his eyes as he sees those grow stronger than himself.

Curse of Hatred
Davorin doesn't want to be known as a monster or murderous saint. He fears that he will succumb to the curse as his lineage has. He wants to be one among other that change the views of the Uchiha clan and forever change it's course of history. This is associated to why he has trouble letting people in, because a greater chance of being consumed by the hatred become greater. He tries to overcome the fear and let those inside that wish to see Davorin for who he really is.

Strength(s): Ninjutsu, Taijutsu,Genjutsu
Weakness(es): Puppetry, Medical Jutsu
Personal Quote: "I'll do it eventually "


Davorin's mother lived in a small village outside the land of fire. She mostly lived her live as a harlot, selling herself to men to create her living. More often than not men would come traveling into her home seeking pleasure. It was a crude life to live, she never would let anyone know she was a remnant of the Uchiha clan, she held no special prowess or abilities which led her to create this falsified life she led. She feared that if anyone ever found out who she was, they would take her lifestyle for granted and treat her more of a violation to humanity than a human being that was simply caught in the crossfire, this is how people saw the Uchiha clan.

A fateful night called to her when she was done for the night, a man who smelled of liquor traveled into her home, demanding that she pleasure him. As such, she refused and resisted the man. In his fit of rage he attacked her in the attempt to sexually assault her. She lay on the ground helpless, her fragile existence only allowed her to seem attractive but not enough to protect her. After a while, the man got off of her body, she lay broken and looking into what seemed the abyss as the man’s seed seeped from her body. She cried at the thought of losing everything she worked for, if only it was nothing to everyone else.

For the next nine months she would seclude herself to her home, never coming out, only to do what she needed to and then retreat to her safety. Men at times still pestered her and antagonized her, these men more often than not were drunk and had nowhere else to indulge in their pleasures. It must have been planned when the next night came.

She was going into labor when they came to her house. She had no one but the local doctor to look after. These men, drunk with no sense of direction in life came to find it in her. They didn't care if she was pregnant or not. Busting down the rice paper door they shoved the doctor out of the way, his head hitting the nearby table that gashed his head and made him unconscious. They didn't care, all they were concerned about is indulging in their fantasies. But she wasn't letting them harm her or her child this time. She grabbed a blunt object and jammed it into the eye socket of her attacker. She stumbled to her feet, using the object to hurl the hot coals at the rest of them, the embers sparking and setting fire to the hut.

She ran out into the rain, crying for help as she ran. But alas she fell to her knees, the pain from giving birth to a child caused her to pass out. Fortunately a small group of shinobi that has just left Konohagakure found her. They brought her back to the village where they ensured that the baby would live, but the emotional stress and physical trauma were too great for the mother to live. She died that night with Davorin in her arms, the one and only time she would ever get to hold him in her arms.

When it was time for Davorin to be able to leave the hospital, he was entered into a foster program for villagers that would take in the children that lost their parents from the wars and dangerous missions. Fortunately he was able to get a home within a week’s time where he would begin his life.
When Davorin entered the academy, he was already prospected to be at the top of his class. During the blood tests that went on over the years it was clear that Davorin was from the Uchiha clan. The other children admired his skills and talent to succeed in class and on the training grounds. But; there were always the kids that bullied others. Davorin never let these things get to him, he sat silently in his own mind when they would pick on him and bully him. Soon enough everyone began to think that Davorin was weak because he was unable to stand up for himself.

On the walk home there was always a shortcut that Davorin used to get back to his mother and father, but this time he got trapped, the boys from school took it to another level. "You're just a little good for nothing idiot" said the leader of the bunch, his skin was darker than the others and his lips perked out more than normal. Davorin looked at the group in disgust, a look in his eyes was overlooked by the group. They were foolhardy kids that overlooked the abilities of the Uchiha. They didn't care if there was a reason that he was one of the top in their class. Davorin replied to them with "You're all inbred fools". The boy's didn't take so lightly to the insult and instantly rushed Davorin .

Davorin walked out from the alleyway, a couple scrapes and bruises covered his body, but nothing he couldn't handle. It was later reported that three academy students were admitted to the infirmary for various injuries, word got across the village through the parents of the students "Who would do such a thing?" - "I heard it was in an alley way next to Ryukyu's shop". And it was among the guardian mother this was relayed to. Later on in the night Davorin was scolded, any excuse he could come up with was instantly shot down. His father explained to him that he should befriend anyone, no matter who they are, he explained in terms of "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer". His guardians always looked out for Davorin and supported his shinobi career, especially since he was an Uchiha.

One night off Davorin and his guardians were going to pick up some spices outside the village. Davorin didn't understand why they had to but his foster mother said "Because your father only likes the spices from the farmer that we know". Davorin always liked how she explained things, she had a soft voice and warming smile, he felt safe. It was night time by the time they were halfway home, they were too far to see the village but out of the blue Davorin 's foster mother disappeared in the dark. It was minutes before we finally noticed, Davorin didn't understand what happened, the only thing he knew to do was run. They both ran, but in the old age his foster parent was unable to go any further. He told Davorin to continue to the village and send help. Upon reaching the gates Davorin began screaming, waking up the guards that were on lookout, they appeared in front of him which caused him to fall back as he ran into one of them. Tear's streaming down his blue eyes, he told them what happened. Davorin was taken back to the village while the other shinobi ran to the site to aid the foster father.

Davorin spent the night in the guards watch. It was early in the morning when he woke up to the site of his foster fathers katana in the hands of one of the Jonin. It was clear that they suffered at the hands of death, but Davorin didn't cry, and didn't even listen to what the Jonin had to say of the situation. He took the katana and walked home.

Everyone talked about what happened during the rest of his academy years. No one really talked to him except some of the kids that really wanted to help him. But in the hands of turmoil he was unable to speak. He would simply have a look of defeat. Until the day before graduation.

The kids that he beat up in the alleyway wanted their revenge. While on the training grounds they approached Davorin and began making rude remarks. He shrugged them off and thought nothing of them, practicing his taijutsu skills as they talked, releasing the anger with each strike that was stronger and stronger. It was when they made the remark of his foster parents that he made one final kick to the pole and made a large crack before he turned around to them. "You're all failures as shinobi. I may have my strife and struggle, but you feel like you're above everyone else. You're at the bottom of the class and a worthless excuse for a ninja". He walked closer to them as he talked until he was face to face with the brat leader of theirs. "And let this be a message to all of you. That no matter what happens, I will overcome this and continue with my life. And I will be the best ninja the cloud village ever knew. Before sending a punch into the kids chest cavity that knocked the wind from him. "To travel the path of conquest, that is my shinobi way."

He walked away from the area, heading home to prepare for tomorrow's graduation. He felt invigorated and excited. He finally came to terms with their death and understood that it's time to move on. Only he would know what his nindo mean to him as he looked at his father's katana. "This is all for you."

The day he graduated was the day he made himself visible to the world. But through the years it would be a troublesome hard road to come. He wouldn't know it yet but the hardships to come will be more than anything he'll ever go though.

He's grown attached to his teachers. Periodically coming to the academy to chat with them on his progression and his training. They commend them for his work and compliment him on taking up his foster fathers katana. "It mean't a lot to him. He would have wanted me to." he explained. He looked down to his side where he held the sheath in his hand with a smile on his face. He looked his teacher in the eyes, the passion in which he had even inspired the Jonin that looked back to him. "You will be the pillar between earth and peace Davorin . Always pursue your own dreams and ill know you'll be fine". Davorin smirked and turned his back to the Jonin, running off into the clouds to pursue the path of conquest.

At the tender age of fifteen, his sensei which was the current hokage had put Davorin’s team, which consisted of Wendy Senju and Makato Hyuuga, to enter the chunin exams. Though everyone had begged him to reconsider as the chunin exams had turned it a death sentence during those years, he still insisted that they were ready, and that they were. With their exceptional team work they managed to set a record for the fastest finish at the forest of death and they managed to beat every opponent that came their way, though Davorin lost to Makato in the semi finals, Wendy would end up claiming overall victor of the tournament after avenging his loss to his teammate.
His years as jonin went by smoothly. With Makato and Wendy having their own team, it left him with nothing to do during the days as everyone the Hokage gave him failed to pass his personal test. Thus he spent most of his days either training or cuddling with Wendy when she got home from her duties. But his world was quickly plunged in despair. Konohagakure and went to war with Kumogakure and not only was his best friend Makato was killed, his sensei was also murdered, the thing was that the one who killed them was Wendy. It turns out that she was a spy from Kumogakure and had gathered information on every top ranking ninja in the village. Living a life for all these years, the curse of the uchiha had finally found its way to his heart. Though she believed she had sufficient information on him, he had outlasted her in their two days and two nights battle and managed to kill her. After leading the charge to expel the Kumogakure ranks from his home and ending the war, Davorin was offered the position as the Hokage but refused. Though he was celebrated as a hero in the leaf he couldn’t help but feel alone in the world, his best friend and his sensei had been killed and his fiancée was there murderer. Now Davorin spends his time roaming the land of fire as a sannin.

Family: All deceased
Father: ???
Mother: Miko Uchiha
Brother(s): NA
Sister(s): NA
Aunt(s): NA
Uncle(s): NA
Significant Other: Wendy Senju
Children: NA

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Konhagakure
Current Village: Konohagaukre
Academy Graduation Age: 11
Chūnin Promotion Age: 15
Rank: Yondiame Hokage
Ninja Status: Villager
Orginazation?: Brick Squad
Teammates: Deceased
Sensei: The third Hokage
Nindo: To stray from the path of hatred
Chakra Element: Fire and lightning
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Weapon(s): Blank for now

Sharingan: [ Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan]
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