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 Kin's Twin Sabers

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PostSubject: Kin's Twin Sabers   Kin's Twin Sabers I_icon_minitimeThu 14 Aug - 2:16

Name:Twin Sabers
Weapon or Item: Weapon
Special Effect: Increases the agility of the user.
Purpose:To inflict damage, wound ,or even kill.
Description:Two twin one sided blades used either together or one at a time.They deal piercing or slashing damage depending on how the user is fighting.The sword is very durable making only blades of a higher rank being potentially able to break it.This sword has no special abilities but can rival even the great seven swords of the mist.The user can infuse their chakra into the blade making them more deadly.
History:These swords has be passed down in his family since it was created, back in the first great ninja war.The blades were handed to him when he was ten years old and has been training with them ever since.He has been honing his skills becoming a great swordsman onto of an shinobi.
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Kin's Twin Sabers
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