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 Degan's Bo Staff !

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Degan's Bo Staff ! Empty
PostSubject: Degan's Bo Staff !   Degan's Bo Staff ! I_icon_minitimeFri 1 Aug - 13:28

Name: Tsuchie kage's Iron Arm
Rank: A-rank
Weapon or item?: Weapon ( A bo staff  created from a long shard of rock taken from the peak of IwaGakure's tallest mountain and infused with The element of earth. )
Special Effect(A-rank or higher, but this can be anything from having a element alignment, too increasing a Stat)- When this bo staff is within degan's hand's it recognizes him as the tsuchie kage and increases his chakra by 50 points.
Looks:Degan's Bo Staff ! Bo+staff+quick+and+
Degan's Bo Staff ! Bo____staff__by_morphinebeats-d5fjqjr

Purpose: The staff is given to the tsuchiekage upon appointment to the title , and the only purpose for this staff is to be a symbol for the people of iwagakure and to be a weapon used only when the village itself is invaded , at which point the staff may be used to protect iwakagure's people.

Description: The Tsuchiekage's Iron Arm is a weapon that the tsuchiekage is given upon his or her promotion , the only time the staff was ever used was by the first tsuchiekage when iwagakure  came under attack by rogue ninja, he fought on the front lines with the bo staff in order to protect the village , and ever since then the weapon has been banned from use unless the village is under attack in honor of the first tsuchiekage.

History: The Iron Arm was  once just a thin slab of rock atop iwagakure's highest mountain, the first tsuchiekage was atop this mountain, planning the making of the village hidden in rock when he came under attack by mysterious rogue ninja , in a split second decision he picked up a random slab of rock and used it as a staff against the ninja , beating each of them on his own. After the battle he thanked the slab of rock, and decided he would reward it, he used chakra and earth element's  to transform the rock slab into a delicate and magnificent BO staff, it is said that a part of the chakra he used is still infused within the staff to this day , and whenever a tsuchiekage pick's the weapon up they say they feel slightly empowered though this is just speculation.

( i wish to buy this for 300 ryo )
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Degan's Bo Staff ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Degan's Bo Staff !   Degan's Bo Staff ! I_icon_minitimeFri 1 Aug - 18:44

you will only have 33 ryo :3 but sure! approved
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Degan's Bo Staff !
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