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 Hand of Shinigami

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PostSubject: Hand of Shinigami   Hand of Shinigami I_icon_minitimeFri 1 Aug - 2:53

Name: Hand of Shinigami
Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Special Effect: Micro-wires that can dealt cutting damage and be controlled via chakra in a telekinetic-like manner
Looks: A set of black fingerless wires with silver metal bands around each finger socket. These wires hold razor-sharp micro-wires (wires that are less than a millimeter wide) made up of the strongest filament material. They're usually nearly invisible to the eye but when reflected on a glass surface, they appear blue (like electricity) or glowing white.
Purpose: Primary combat style
Description: The Hand of Shinigami is a set of special, combat-specialized gloves. The gloves has access to the wire weaponry battle arts, as in razor-sharp microfilament wires are stored within the glove and can be released for use in battle. These wires are very sharp and powerful, as they're capable of slicing through steel and concrete easily. They're made of microfilament material, meaning they're thin and flexible and are monomolecular, meaning they're capable of floating and suspending themselves in mid-air according to the user's will. They are also able to be manuevered while floating in the air. They're actually able to be shrunk down to the width of one molecule wide through the use of flowing chakra in exchange for length, allowing them to affect things at the molecular level. If this is perferred, then the wires from this glove can virtually cut through anything, including the hardest, toughest, and most dense of objects. However, speed of the wire will be reduced and available for one use at a time (Single Death - this will be a jutsu). The wires are somewhat hard to see (except when reflected by light) and are very fast. They're extremely durable and tough, as even excessive pressure from those with large mass, sharp weapons, and C-rank techniques or lower are incapable of breaking them. They're also immune to heat, temperature, tension, and density. They have resistance to corrosive chakra in a raw form, such as dark or bijuu chakra. B-rank techniques are only capable of breaking them at a small degree and A-rank techniques or higher are actually capable of severing the wires. The wires can manuever while in mid-air as the user moves them and can extend up to greater heights. The wires are also very long, as they can reach up to a 50 meter radius. Other than offensive capabilities, the monomolecular razor wires can bind and restrain targets without damaging them, restricting their movement yet keeping them alive and well. As they're sustained, they can be harmed after binded. The wires can extend rapidly and have an incredible grip, as they rarely lose their composture and efficiency. With expert profiency, the wires can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes, granting a level of versatility. The glove itself can withstand attacks at the A-rank level or lower. The user can channel chakra through the wires for a higher efficiency and this allows the wires to move and suspend themselves according to the user's will as if they were body extensions and manipulate them as if they were as such. With chakra, the wires are able to combine together when severed to "regenerate" or just repair themselves or for a more greater density and attack range and can also disconnect. If the user controls the wires through chakra, they can control they can sacrifice one or multiple particular traits it has such as sharpness for physical capabiltiies like hardness, toughness, grip, durability, strength, resistance, etc

History: At age 15, Watari found his wires being a little "outdated". He is equivalent to his former Jounin teacher in the particular skill but he lacked style. He needed something bigger. It did not matter if it was older or newer than the wires that he had. He went on a journey, something that can be classified as a mission at the S-rank level, to the Cave of the Forbidden Corpses within the Land of Wind and arrived at the abandoned place where so many have been slain and fallen. An old woman came up to him and adviced him to stop and turn back, but Watari just sliced her in half and killed her. He found a little girl, around five years old, peeking out from a rock and witnessed the woman being killed. Watari reasoned it was her granddaughter but he didn't care either way. As he traveled in the cave, he realized that the journey was extremely dangerous. He had to ward off ghouls and spirits in the dark, destroyed reanimated, stone soldiers, fought monsters of the deep, and had to go through several treacherous obstacles in order to find the prized jewel. There, sitting on a throne-like chair with a skull on top and a scythe under it, was a glove contained within a glass box. Watari touched the box and the words "To those who shall lift this unholy object from this container..... be it they shall suffer eternal corruptness as they slain and be slain, with this Hand of Shinigami" inscribed upon it. Watari could already feel the evil, powerful aura emanating from it. It almost seemed as if it was alive, and it seemed as if it were cursed. But this was no doubt a supernatural item, and this glove was power. he lifted the box open and picked up the glove. They were labeled the "Hands of the Death God." Watari smiled as he put them on. They were light and he could already feel the power in them surging through him. He lifted his finger and a string of wire quickly shot out and whipped the air, slicing a solid piece of rock in the process with no resistance. The Dorunezu smiled evily as he realized the power he has within his hands. The God of Death has just found the weapon fit only for him. Walter has mastered and held great experience with this weapon for over 50 years. He has perfected it like none other.
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PostSubject: Re: Hand of Shinigami   Hand of Shinigami I_icon_minitimeFri 1 Aug - 3:05

pshh :3 accepted ♥
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Hand of Shinigami
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