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 Ninja Shop!

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PostSubject: Ninja Shop!   Sat 12 Jul - 6:21


Shinobi Shop

Kunai x 3 - A small set of Kunai, hiltless dagger like tools sometimes used for combat, but can be utilized for many things.
Cost : $500
Effect : Used for Hand to Hand or Ranged Combat, they add +5 damage to Hand to Hand, and do 5 damage when thrown(No Rolling Damage)

Shuriken x 3 - A set of small flat discs with extended points, giving them the nickname "Throwing Stars."
Cost : $500
Effect : Only useable thrown, they do 1d20 damage.

Ninja Wire x 1 - A length of thin metalic wire, about 10 feet long per roll, used for many things, from assassination to grappling hooks, to binding someone.
Cost : $400
Effect : Various uses in Role Play, may be used to Bind an opponent for 2 posts maximum.

Explosive Tag x 1 - A single explosive tag, it is a simple piece of paper with an explosion sealed inside of it. Lighting it on fire or pulsing chakra into it releases the seal, it often going off once the spark reaches the circle in the middle.
Cost : $1,250
Effect : These do 2d20+20 damage to all near it, including user.

Senbon x 3 - Often confused for Accupunture Needles, they are rarely used by many, as they are thin, and ineffective unless trained in their use. They are very thin, and often hit pin point targets when utilized properly, and the right combination of spots may paralyze someone for a time.
Cost : $600
Effect : Though they may be used in hand to hand combat, they are not very effective as such, taking a -5 to hand to hand rolls when using as such, but they deal 1d20 damage still. When thrown, they deal half damage of 1d20, unless they get a critical hit. Upon critical hit, the target loses feeling in a part of their body, and it becomes paralyzed(Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg; May NOT paralyze the torso neck or head).

Smoke Bomb x 3 - A small greyish black pill that when hit with enough force explodes and fills an area quickly with smoke, granting either the user or opponent to escape, or a sneak attack.
Cost : $300
Effect : Smoke Bombs allow the user to either escape easier(Gaining +10 to Escape Rolls), or to sneak attack a target(Gaining +5 to 1 attack roll). It only lasts 1 round of posts.

Soldier Pills x 1 - A special pill that once eaten, restores some chakra an energy to the target who consumes it. If more than 1 is eaten, it does more harm that good, physically hurting the one eating it, and causing them to be exhausted when the effects wear off.
Cost : $2,500
Effect : Upon being eaten, the user recovers 5 HP and CP per post they make, to a maximum of 10 posts. Taking two doubles the CP and HP recovery, but does not increase the post maximum, and once it is over, the user takes -10 to all rolls(Attack, Defense, and Damage rolls included) for the remainder of the thread.

Caltrops x 1 - A small pouch of tiny shards of metal that have points pointing in 4 directions, so that one point is always upwards. This slows and forces others who walk into them to stumble and lose balance, though is rarely deadly.
Cost : $500
Effect : Forces a Taijutstu roll from any who step upon the Caltrops, including the user, to remain standing. It does no damage, but if the individual fails their Taijutsu Roll, they will fall and lose their offensive turn. Taijutsu roll is against original Caltrop Roll(Taijutsu Roll of Caltrop user)

Windmill Shuriken x 1 - A much larger tool than normal Shuriken, the Windmill Shuriken folds up, and is made up of slightly curved blades, rather than sharp points. It is also larger, and much more deadly.
Cost : $1,500
Effect : This large folding bladed shuriken is best used thrown, and deals 1d20+20 damage.

Poison Smoke Bomb x 1 - Similar to a normal smoke bomb, this one poisons those who inhale the smoke, causing dizziness, sickness, lose of hearing, sight, focus, or other such ailments.
Cost : $1,000
Effect : Same as Smoke Bomb, but those caught within take 5 damage per post for the next 5 posts, as well as gaining a -5 to attacks due to one of the listed ailments above.

Breath Mask x 1
Price: $750
Effect : A slightly advanced piece of technology, this mask allows the ninja to breathe underwater and in poisonous air conditions. Filter can not be changed, and the mask must be replaced after 10 posts in water or poisonous air.

File x3
Price: $50
A file that can be hidden within the clothing of ninja, this file is a piece of metal and it’s great for cutting through rope, or other bindings. Frail, breaks after 1 use, can not be used as a weapon.

Radio x 1
Price: $200 Per Radio
A short range radio capable of keeping ninja in contact across several miles the radio can accept multiple frequencies and is activated to talk by pushing a button at the neck attachment.

Price: $1,500
Effect : Scrolls are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a shinobi’s arsenal, because of their size multiple scrolls can be carried in battle in the front pouches of a flak jacket or even a pouch. This will save space and not sacrifice much needed piece of equipment. The scrolls allow a shinobi to summon creatures, people and even items to their aid. One(1) scroll can summon up to 1 Person or Animal, and up to 3 sets of Items(9 Kunai Total;6 Kunai, 3 Shiruken; 3 Kunai, 3 Shuriken, 3 Senbon). Can only be used once, then they are useless and must be replaced.

Range finder
Price: $150
Effect : A small computerized device that can function both as binoculars and as a means to measure the distance to a target. goes over an eye// Can see & Messure up to 150 feet.
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Ninja Shop!
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