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 Fallen Idols [jcink]

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PostSubject: Fallen Idols [jcink]   Fallen Idols [jcink] I_icon_minitimeWed 16 Jul - 10:11

Fallen Idols [jcink] 658529c1-98f4-456d-897c-da20e174b838
Fallen Idols [jcink] 24pynol Fallen Idols [jcink] Ivjwq1 Fallen Idols [jcink] Aon71g
After Dean, Benny and Castiel escaped from Purgatory, things in the world became a little different. Now Vampires are working together to reclaim their world, Heaven is in turmoil over God's disappearance and Hell is on the fringe of a civil war. Even hunters long since deceased are being pulled from their graves by various sides of Heaven's war to fight for free will, or in some cases even against it. Heaven is butting heads into Earth's power battle, and though the demons are fighting for their own control - it goes without saying that this doesn't sit well with them, either.

We are a brand new Supernatural site, based AU after the Season Seven finale. All canons past and present are open to take, no matter if they're deceased! We have a 300 word count requirement, a choice between freeform or traditional applications, and friendly, approachable staff!
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Fallen Idols [jcink]
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