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 Kotetsu's Dojutsu

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PostSubject: Kotetsu's Dojutsu   Kotetsu's Dojutsu I_icon_minitimeThu 5 Feb - 21:01

Jutsu Template -

Name : Monshi-Gyoushi (Lineage Gaze)
Rank: A
Type : Dojutsu
Element : Left eye(Was byakugan)
Duration : Instant
Chakra Cost : 40 to activate
Role Play Description : The users left eyes molecule rearranges itself, in order to see the history, DNA and lineage of the target. Which then can be projected into the minds of the target through funneling the users chakara into the person. The jutsu does not cause a genjutsu but more of a Ninjutsu, since the user is using chakara to shape images in the users heead, which then the target will black out shortly and he will relive a part of his life or his ancestors life. Yet what really happens is the target is only immobilized in real life for a few seconds. This technique is a turn off of the genjutsu of manekyou users.
Special Notes : Can be straining on his eye and takes one post to rearrange the eye back to normal. So why changing back he is blind in that eye.

Name : Eien no shin'en, Hateshunai-shinen (Everlasting Abyss)
Type : Dojutsu
Element : Right eye(Sharingan)
Duration : Instant
Chakra Cost : 30 per action
Role Play Description : The users right eye opens up and begins to spin rapidly. The eye then forms a small black hole that can be used defensively by sucking up items or B- rank jutsu. It can then be used as an offensive ability by firing the sucked up item of ability at the enemy. Only has a range of about five feet. Resembles the kamui
Special Notes : In reality the eye isn't sucking the object up yet breaking it down in the smallest molecules possibly and remembering the makeup. It can then use to reform the molecules now floating in the air. The rumor says, Kotetsu unlocked this ability because his sharingan eye was sucking everything up in order to find his other half and to complete susanoo and amatseru.
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Kotetsu's Dojutsu
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