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 Kotetsu's Eye Implants

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PostSubject: Kotetsu's Eye Implants   Wed 4 Feb - 19:55

I used the custom item template since I didn't see one.

Name: Bunshi-Mokushi (Molecule Site)
Rank: A rank
Weapon or item: Double eye implants.


Purpose/Description.: Level 1:(The eyes are not as crimson looking and looks like a mangekyou symbol instead of the blur like in picture below).The eye resembles both the sharingan and byakugan. The eyes gained the slight ability to percieve movement similar how stuff seems slower to the sharingan user yet it is not as effective as the real thing but about ranked at Tomoe 2.

Level 2:The level 2 allows the user to use their blood cells to any part of their body. As to say if they fused it with their brain then it would allow more blood and oxygen to reach the brain allow the user to use more of it and enhance its ability. If the user fuses his blood to his nervous system and muscles then it allows more blood and oxygen to reach them which heightens the users reaction time and strength.

Level 3:(The level 3 is an ability only masters are able to obtain. The reason for this is because they understand their lineage and where it origionated all the way back to lady kaguya. They can look far enough back in their heritage and form and inferior form of the perfect eye using the sharingan, byakugan, and his kaguyan kekei genkai.) Level 3 can see points in the body but instead of chakara points it can see few of the main arteries in the shinobi's bodies allowing the user to strike them and cause them to burst which can sugnificantly hurt their opponent or even cause loss of blood flow to the limb

History: While on missions when his time as a Hunter-nin, he was forced to kill and dispose of a sharingan user and byakugan user. After killing them, and before disposing of the corpse, kotetsu took the right eye of the sharingan and left of the byakugan. Which later was implanted by scientists as further tests on him, to increase his power before he defected. At first the eyes acted as they were meant to but then one day he felt something was off while on a mission. Then once in a heated battle he activated both of his eyes and began to use the dance of the willows. When a severe migraine came upon him and he fell to one knee, to where he noticed tears of blood seeping from his eyes and dripping to the ground. With amazement the migraine subsided and his vision seemed to change and he felt more empowered than before. To him it felt as if he was able to meticulously detail and control each molecule in his body. Seeming as if each one was willing to bend to his will. From this point on he used his newfound dojutsu ability to excel further at carrying out his missions up until he defected. Up until this day no one has ever seen or heard of this except for the Mizukage. For he had the rest killed by Kotetsu himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Kotetsu's Eye Implants   Fri 6 Feb - 0:35

Actually kote, we need to discuss this one.
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Kotetsu's Eye Implants
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