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 Hiruma Weaponry

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PostSubject: Hiruma Weaponry    Hiruma Weaponry  I_icon_minitimeMon 2 Feb - 2:39

Name: Dread's Threads
Rank: A
Weapon or item: Weapon
Looks: The wire generally can hardly be seen by the human eye, but the metal is clear/silver and extends for 50 meters. It is generally wrapped around his two hands and the rest of the length of the wire is used for battle.
Purpose/Description.: These are 50m long thin metallic-wires specially modified for the wire weaponry combat arts so they can be used in battle. Flexible and light, these wires can bend as easily as normal strings with the flow of chakra. They are made from the tough Hien-metal which is chakra-conductive. Chakra can be flown manipulate as the user wishes, as if the user was wielding the wires telekinetically. These wires are generally very hard to see but once it's enhanced with chakra and moving at high velocity, flashes of silver can be seen as wires move towards its target. it is not as conductive towards heat and electricity as normal metal. In addition to being fast and sharp, they can even cut through diamond.
History: As a successor to the wire weaponry battle arts, Hiruma sought for the best wire to used. As an avid devotee to collecting special materials for his wire, he chose the Hien metal and decided to switch over to using metal wire instead of microfilaments. He had the wire modified and thinned out to the thickness of a microfilament, thus these threads became part of Dread's arsenal for decades.

Name: Rolls of Microfilament Strings (x5)
Rank: D
Weapon or item: Weapon/Item
Looks: Normal string
Purpose/Description.: These are just regular string used by ninja; however, they were modified to be thinner like microfilament wire so it's harder to see than normal string.
History: These are just wire that he bought.
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Rarda Yana

Rarda Yana

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PostSubject: Re: Hiruma Weaponry    Hiruma Weaponry  I_icon_minitimeFri 6 Feb - 4:11

These look perfectly fine, so

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Hiruma Weaponry
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