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 an unexpected confrontation

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Leo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   Wed 4 Feb - 9:16

Laughter rang in the Kazekage's head. Oh deary, I can feel the anger bubbling inside of you why do you keep it hidden from these idiots? why not tell them what you are and kill them on the spot??

The laughter that echoed in her head soon pushed it's way through the kage, causing her to laugh uncontrollably. "Fools! the both of you are fools!" she crowed in laughter. "You think you can enter the Sand village without being questioned?" the laughter soon subsided and she glared darkly at the male through eyes that seemed not her own.

"What secrets?" she echoed the word secrets "You believe that two rogue ninja, ones from the Mist, can waltz in here and demand that we tell you the secrets of the sand? you really are daft.. the word stands firm, secrets are meant to be kept and if they were shared with those that aren't friends it could damage the lives of those it protects"

She lifted her right hand and flicked a finger at him. "You will leave one way or another" her eyes flashed as she narrowed them at Hirmua. "Himura, I have had enough of these two and I wish them to be ridded of.. Do what you wish to them, I will not stand in your way."

"Shirakawa, are you okay?" Katokari asked as she turned and faced the young girl, moving to her side she placed her hand on her shoulder. "You know you do not have to speak to them if you do not wish" her gaze flickered back onto Kotetsu, the anger still building up.

Oh come now Katokari, you know you want to fight, you could easily snap their necks.. Feed your anger, give into it! the voice yelled loudly in her head causing her to shaking it as if trying to rid of an annoying nat.

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Otori. Shirakawa

Otori. Shirakawa

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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   Wed 4 Feb - 17:28

She watched and listened to what they were saying, none of it making any sense at all, but she was curious now. Was there something being hidden from her that she didn't know about? When the Kazekage walked over to her, she decided to ask, but she kept her voice down. She didn't want to give these outsiders any pleasure.

"I'm fine, I just want to see these two gone." She said aloud, mostly for them to hear her, before whispering to the kazekage, "Is there any truth to what they say? is there some secret about me I do not know?" She knew the Kazekage would not want to hear that from her, not right now at least, but she needed to ask least she forget or lose her nerve to ask later.

She watched as Hiruma got ready to fight them, and she was sure he was going to beat them up good. The only reason being the Kazekage had such faith in his ability. She waited for both the fight, msotly for inspiration and such, as well as the kage to answer her, perhaps by saying that they would talk later. It was a typical answer, and kept things that were secret secret.
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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   Wed 4 Feb - 18:05

He barked towards Hiruma. "That's what an elder council is for." With not hesitation and anger rising in his voice, "That's why the village's clan leaders should represent their respective clans and take charge. Because with a Kage a lot of factors can come into play, from the kage playing favorites between the clan, or them.becoming greedy and power hungry"

Kotetsu's attention now focused back on Kazekage with a more calm demeanor, "why don't you stop hiding secrets from the little girl, she shouldn't even have to ask, if there are any secrets kept inside of her." His arms now dropped to his sides with palms open hidden in the sleeves of his Akatsuki robe. "And you know, the last people who attempted to silence and oppress me through murder, wound up dead themselves." Kotetsu's muscles were tensed under the robes, from being ready to react to a oncoming attack from either people. "The one who issued the order on me will be regretting it very soon as well"

"So rethink your actions before sending your clueless shinobi to his death, because of your ignorance" then directing his words tko Kunori he questioned "Should we both handle the the man or are you willing and able to by yourself?"
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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   Wed 4 Feb - 22:00

Kunori listened to the kage for a moment, she's gone mad. she sneered in her thoughts before she was brought back by Kotetsu's. Her eyes widened and excitement bubbled deep inside her.

"You keep you're eyes on the kage and the child," she grinned and reached behind her back pulling out the Katana and took a few 'leaps' away from him. "I can handle the old man." A smirk pulled itself across her lips as she angled the blade at him.

"Do you wish to obey our words now? if you don't... this village will be nothing but ruins." she spoke directly to the kazekage despite her eyes narrowed onto Hiruma.
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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   Tue 10 Feb - 1:33

A lunatic cackle escaped Katokari's vocals as he had never heard before. She maintained a rigid, aggressive posture before the now-labelled intruders upon her village. The cloaked warriors were enemies of Sunagakure, and therefore his enemy.

The edge of Hiruma's mouth smirked upwards a bit as the Kazekage had given the order. He was allowed to kill these two, for the protection of Sunagakure. And so, the Judge of the Sky has returned to the battlefield.

He allowed Kato to attend to Otori, while he had finished preparing himself. He had been rolling his wires around his hands all this time, infusing them with chakra to allow him to manipulate the killer threads in battle. In truth, he did not wish to kill them from the get-go, but rather immobolize them for a very severe interrogation session.

"You spout nonsense. It is better that you remain silent. The time for talk is over".

After that, Hiruma waved his hands in their direction in a quick motion, fingers pointing towards the two targets. The two of them would not be able to see what had been done at first, but half-way between them, lines of silver would glow momentarily heading towards their way at high velocity. These were Dread's threads; thin metallic wires enhanced by chakra that would cut through the likes of steel and diamond. Although he had not engaged in battle in a while, he was still a master and the previous successor to the Wire Weaponry Battle Arts before he passed on that title to his student Watari Dorunezu. This elder body was still deadly.

Several of these lethal wires would head towards the two Akatsuki, slicing off the female's arm and the male's leg if it should hit.

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PostSubject: Re: an unexpected confrontation   

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an unexpected confrontation
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