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 Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya

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PostSubject: Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya   Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya I_icon_minitimeSat 24 Jan - 4:58

Name : Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya
Gender : Male
Sexual Orientation : Straight(girls)
Clan : Characters Clan: Tenrai-Kaguya
Village : Kiri Missing Nin
Chakra Points : 450
Element(s) : Water, Lightning, Fire, and Earth
Shinobi Rank : Jonin
Danger Rank : B

Hair : Shoulder length, White
Eyes : black with white pupils(like mangetsu hozuki)
Skin : Pale white
Body Type : Tall, slim muscular build
Scars/Tattoos : 4 red dots on his head, similar to kimmimaro's

Appearance : Kotetsu has a tall, slim yet muscular build. His hair is shoulder length and a silverfish white, he usually wears it pulled back as seen in the avatar to keep it out of his face. the clothes he wears is nothing flashy. A brown baggie long sleeve shirt and black baggie pants. Also he wears red bands around his arms and a sleeveless black cloak over it as seen in the avatar. He also has four red dots along his forehead.5'9"-5'10". 130-140 lbs.

Personality : After his recent past he became somewhat of an anarchist who sees chaos and revolution as the only savior for his village. He is willing to strike down anyone who stands against him, and will resort to extreme measures to complete his mission. However, he is not indiscriminately violent, as he shows no desire to needlessly attack others who pose no threat to him or hisnideals. At the same time he genuinely cares for the people he trusts, whom he will treat as equals even if he is the leader. He is clever and innovative, able to plan quickly and efficientlt, as well as charming and charismatic when he needs to be, enabling him to sweet talk his way into homes or strike deals with people. He is intelligent and patient, though he is also capable of ruthless violence. Although generally composed, he can lose his temper in complete defeat

Character Stats :

Speed: 20
Strength: 4
Endurance 8
Ninjutsu : 10
Genjutsu : 2
Taijutsu : 14
Bukijutsu : 11
Fuuinjutsu : 1

Ninja Tools :
3x Kunai
3x Shuriken
1x ninja wire(10 feet total)
1x Explosive tag

Experience Points : List here -

Total Earned :
Total Spent :
Current Left :
Include Link to Personal Perchase Thread Here

(One obtains Experience Points through Training Threads, and Mission Threads. The longer the training thread, or the harder the quest/mission, the more Experience Points one Recives. Experience Points may be spent in the Experience Shop on things like increasing ones Stats, Health, or Chakra, or even to buy special Elements or bloodline implants and the like.)

Money :

Total Earned :
Total Spent :
Current Left :
Include Link to Personal Perchase Thread Here

(Money is obtained through Quests and Missions only, and may be spent on anything within the Ninja Shop. It can be used to buy common Shinobi tools, so you have more to use each mission thread, or even custom weapons or armor.)

Likes : fighting/training(kaguyan bloodline). Close hand combat

Dislikes : sealing Justus and long range fighting

Fears : failing his mission, his cause isn't a righteous one

Motivations : his personal mission and personal quotes "The pleasure of a dream, is that its a fantasy, and its my destiny to turn it into a reality", " If the king won't move, then his subjects won't follow"

Goals : To overthrow the Kiri Government(mainly the mizukage)

History : Not much is known about his past except that under the orders of the Mizukage, the Mist Anbu killed his parents and abducted him to be experimented on. He was taken to a secret lab located on a secluded island shrouded in mist with a reddish tint. Here Kotetsu was experimented on numerous times, mainly they injected blood and DNA from a preserved Kaguya cadaver, along with the blood and DNA from the Hozuki clan. After years of testing, he showed signs of possessing a new kaguyan kekei genkai, which was possible thanks to his AB+ blood type which is compatible to all donors giving to them. At a young age he began his training at the facility, to control his newfound abilities. Once he was deemed safe to the public and learned how to control his bloodline, he was placed into a Foster family with the Hozuki clan, and enrolled into the mist village academy. At first he seemed tonlack motivation, but it was because of his shyness, mainly from where he grew up on an island in a lab. But once he got used to being around so many people, he excelled at not only the mental assignments but also the physical ones as well. In which he graduated in the top of the class. During his time at the academy Kotetsu slipped and used his kekei genka after class, which another parent seen when dayy were there to pick up their kid. The next day the child of that parent didn't show to school. It was believed the family was killed to hide the secret that the kaguyan clan has been brought back from extrinction. Reason being the Mizukage wanted a dictatorship, and what better way than with an army of the most bloodthirsty and chaotic clan. Shortly after being a genin, he was promoted to chunin and was designated by the kage to be trained with the anbu black ops. Kotetsu trained with them up until the age of 16 when he received the rank of jounin and became a hunter non. Over time he became well known for ruthlessly killing missing nin and traitors. One day after a mission he was returning to the kage to report in on his latest success at the hunt, when he overheard the Mizukage and another scientist/doctor talk about the haneous plot from killing his parents and kidnapping him after birth to giving him false missions, which were supposed to be kill/assassinate traitors, conspirators, and so on, but in reality the Mizukage was having him kill off everyone who knew about the plot. After learning this first hand, Kotetsu fled the mist village and became a missing nin. To where he roams and trains to hope that one day he will be able to free the mist from the tyrannical kage
Missions Completed :

Succeeded :

D Rank :

C Rank :

B Rank :

A Rank :

S Rank :

S+ Rank :

Failed :

D Rank :

C Rank :

B Rank :

A Rank :

S Rank :

S+ Rank :

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PostSubject: Re: Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya   Kotetsu Tenrai-Kaguya I_icon_minitimeSun 25 Jan - 2:58

Ah! thanks for fixing it, sorry for all of the hassle. Your approved!!

For now do I put you as missing nin?
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