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 Kunori's lightning blade.

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PostSubject: Kunori's lightning blade.   Sun 18 Jan - 21:24

Name: Kunori's Lightning Blade.
Rank: S-Rank
Weapon or item? Used to deal damage


Purpose/Description.: The characteristic shape of each sword not only makes them ideal for cutting, using either edge of the blade, but also means they can be thrown with great accuracy. The swords seemingly get their name due to the fact that Kunori often channals her lightning-natured chakra into their blade, increasing its vibrating frequency and hence its piercing and cutting power

History: Kunori was trained to use a variety of different weapons, but always favored the Katana. When she was fourteen, her father gifted her a sword that she could use to channal her lightning-based chakra into the blade.
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PostSubject: Re: Kunori's lightning blade.   Mon 19 Jan - 0:11

Approved, you can now use your weapon
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Kunori's lightning blade.
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