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 Kunori Takashika

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PostSubject: Kunori Takashika   Kunori Takashika I_icon_minitimeSun 18 Jan - 10:25

Kunori Takashika Kunori_Takashika

Name: Kunori Takashika.
Clan: Takashika
Age: 21.
Sex: female.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Blood Type: A+
Date Of Birth: October 12th.
Character Personality:

Trait: Emotionless.
Reasoning:  Kunori's training was harsh, but it also taught her that 'ninjas' shouldn't feel emotions because they got in the way. As she was growing up, she was never showed any sort of affection whither it was hate, love, or anything like that.

Trait: Secretive.
Reasoning: Kunori's Clan used her to keep the secrets of the clan locked away by drilling them into her brain, putting her into constant pressure. This was also a result in her emotionless state, having to carry the burden off her clan's secrets weighed down on her making her not care.

Trait: Observant
Reasoning: Her sensei, during her training, was harsh and cruel with his methods, but refused to show the girl any emotions as if to keep her 'dull'.  One piece of advice he gave Kunori was to observe those around her, to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. If battle was to occur, she was to hide within the leaves of a tree and watch her opponent.

Body Type/Looks:  Standing about 5"8, Kunori has a lithe body type and weighs only 105pounds. She has fair skin, short raven black hair that only reaches to just above her shoulders and dazzeling blue/green eyes.


Yes, even if Kunori is emotionless she carries the fear that she will lose her clan's secrets. She fears that she will die and those secrets she carries will be exposed and leak out into the world revealing what is most important to her clan.

1. Being able to remain silent.
One of Kunori's strengths is being able to remain silent even in the toughest of situations.  so her mouth doesn't usually get her into trouble.

2. Her dosile nature.
She doesn't care much for confrontation and would rather spend a few hours writing or drawing.

1. Observant nature.
2. Being the carrying of all her clan's secrets.

Personal Quote: "Silence is the key to keeping things a secret"

Father: Shiro Takashika
Mother: Temari Takashika
Brother(s): Keiji Takashika, Haru Takashika (Both alive(
Sister(s): None that she is aware of.
Aunt(s): Azumi Takashika(alive)
Uncle(s): Some, but she doesn't know them.
Significant Other: N/A
Children: N/A
Companion(s): Hikari (Ninja dog)



Infant-3years old:

Kunori was born on the 12th of October in the Village Hidden in the Mist. She was born to a larger clan, more then half of whom she would never greet. Her father being the head of the family decided that his daughter would carry the secrets of the clan and began drilling them into her head once she was big enough to walk and talk.  The only siblings Kunori knew of were her to older brothers Haru and Shiro, who were allowed to be friends with other people as well as join in on the villages celebrations or missions given to them.  The Takashika clan was well known for it's silence and their clan was believed to be small and dying out -but that wasn't the case.  Behind the scenes, they were completing different experiments on their daughter one of which was drilling their secrets into her head and draining her of every emotion she had.

Ages 4-5:

When Kunori turned four, she met her Aunt who would become her 'sensei' and put her through harsh training.  This is also the time they realized their plan was working, Kunori never cried and rarely smiled, when she smiled it was a fake smile, she never angered or laughed joylessly and by the age of five they had talked about putting her into the academy when she turned six to receive the so called 'proper' ninja-training.  

Ages 6-12

Once she turned six they placed her into the academy where she excelled, but her parents kept her back to learn even more and strengthen her brain, she was to have no friends and return home instantly after school ended and continue the harsh training with her aunt. At the age of seven, Kunori found a stray pup that she soon got attached to, unsure and confused by her 'feelings' Kunori decided to keep the ugly, four-legged walker , but keep in a secret. Naming it 'Hikari' she would sneak out at night to stay with it, feeding it and raising it to fit her training methods. As she aged, she grew wiser and 'duller' not showing any signs of actually being human, but more of a tool for her clan to use against others.  At the age of twelve they allowed her to graduate the academy with her class and continue on through the different stages to becoming a ninja of the Mist.

Ages 13-18

Kunori continued her training not only through her team, while going on missions with them, but also training with her Aunt who always seemed to be harsher on her methods. Kunori still snuck out at night to see her 'companion' and take care of her, the ugly four-legged creature seemed to grow to, not only size wise but it seemed to grow close to her training methods. At the age of fourteen she took and passed the Chuunin exam and quickly advanced from their making Jounin at the age of sixteen and by the age of eighteen, Kunori wanted nothing to do with the village or her clan and in the dead of night she and her ninja-dog companion fled the village and became a missing-nin, carrying the secrets of her clan with her.


After fleeing the village, she remained on her own until she turned nineteen and decided to join the Akatsuki where she would use her abilities at her own will and for the cause she wanted.

Birth Village: Hidden Mist
Current Village: Missing Nin (Akatsuki member)
Academy Graduation Age: 12
Chūnin Promotion Age: 14
Rank: Jounin.
Ninja Status: Missing Nin
Organization?: Akatsuki
Teammates: Both Deceased.
Sensei: N/A
Nindo: "Keep silent and observe"

Ninjutsu: 6
Genjutsu: 0
Taijutsu: 8
Bukijutsu: 10
Fuuinjutsu: 3
Summoning Jutsu: 15

Weapon(s): Katana.{Will make item in the designated area}
Jutsu's:  Storm Release {Passed on through her clan}
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PostSubject: Re: Kunori Takashika   Kunori Takashika I_icon_minitimeMon 19 Jan - 0:07

Approved, you can now roleplay on the form
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Kunori Takashika
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