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Rarda Yana

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PostSubject: Jashinism   Jashinism I_icon_minitimeTue 13 Jan - 6:02

Name:Jashinism (Followers known as Jashinites)

Location: ???

Symbol: Jashinism Jashin

History: Less a clan and more a religous following, Jashinism is a religion that focus's upon murder, slaughter, and ritual sacrifice. Outlawed in many lands for how destructive the followers usually are, most are either rogue shinobi, random murderers, or rarely accepted into villages as shinobi. These villages often have a team watching over them to make sure they don't simply kill off the villagers.

Status: Scattered, very few, not practiced by many(Max 10 in the world, rarely ever more due to the initiation ceramony that kills so many potential followers)

Specialty:Murder, near immortality, high tolerence for pain, quick healing. Bukijutsu is prefered by many of the followers.

Kekai Genkai: Jashin Rituals and Curses. Jashin is the God of death, and requires his followers to spread death as mercilessly as possible, in return he grants the most devout followers a limited "immortality," so long as they continue to spread his work.

Strengths:Near Immortality, can take most forms of damage without death, even severe mortal wounds. Though not instant, the individuals who are favored by Jashin heal their wounds relatively fast, bones mending in days, and muscle tissue taking maybe a week to fully repair. Their bodies never seem to scar either.

Weaknesses: Still feels pain, can not control body parts once severed from them. If beheaded, can still talk, but can not use body. Can die of malnutrition or complete destruction of soft tissue on the body(Nothing but a skeleton remaining). If brought to 0 HP, instead of dying, they simply pass out, unless one of the death requirements are met. Followers are devoutly religious, taking the time to do religious rites properly, and often praying, usually for a good kill, or at least for forgivness for not making the kill.

Clan Justu:

Name: Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood
Rank: S
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu(secret Technique)
Element: None
Type: Offensive
Range:Short-Long (So long as the user meets the requirements, the victem could be on another planet and still feel the effects)
Size: Human Body(Anything from small cuts to mutilation or amputation)
Duration: As long as the user continues to meet the requirements, or until the demise of the target
Cooldown: Once Per Page
Description: This technique is signature of the most devoute of followers of Jashin. The user uses their own blood to draw Jashins symbol on the ground, large enough for the user to stand in with legs spread slightly. Once this is complete, the user must obtain the blood of their target and injest it. Once this happens, the Ritual Curse may begin. Only while the user stands within the symbol will the effects work, though if removed, they may simply step back into it. While within the symbol, the users body changes, turning a pure black, with white marks upon their body that look like bones, giving the individual a "Reper" type appearance. Now any damage they take, the person whos blood they have injested will also take, essentially turning the users body into a voodoo doll.
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