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 Stat Points

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Rarda Yana


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PostSubject: Stat Points   Fri 9 Jan - 3:26

Stat Points

Stat points show what an individual is good at, and not good at. One begins with 35 Points to distribute(Max of 10 Points per Stat) at Academy Student, and gains 5 more points to distribute each time an individuals Danger Rank Increases.

Ones physical strength, how hard they hit, and how much they can carry, lift, ect.

How fast one is, how quickly they can move, ect.

How tough someone is, how many hits they can take before passing out, how well they take disease and poisons, ect.

Ones skill in physical combat, skill in martial arts, ect.

Ones skill in manifesting chakra in a physical form.

Ones skill in tapping into peoples minds and altering their perceptions.

Ones skill in tools not normally associated with shinobi, such as swords, axes, bows and arrows, ect.

Ones ability in sealing jutsu, used for sealing items, creating summoning contracts, and signing summoning contracts with animal clans.
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Stat Points
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