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 Battle Rules.

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Battle Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Battle Rules.   Battle Rules. I_icon_minitimeFri 2 Jan - 3:16

To initiate a battle/fight, one would need to find someone who wishes to fight Out Of Characterly. Once battle has begun, both parties are expected to be mature in deciding what attacks hit, miss, and how lon the fight goes on for. The Stats system allows for individuals to know how much better an individual is in a particular art or skill set.

To use Jutsu, one requires Chakra to use. Below are a few charts showing how much Chakra one has, and how much Jutsu Cost.

SPECIAL NOTE : YOU MAY NOT KILL ANOTHER PERSONS CHARACTER WITHOUT BOTH THEIR PERMISSION AND THE PERMISSION OF AN ADMIN. This is to prevent people getting tricked into making a new character only to have them killed.

Chakra Limits Per Rank

Each Rank, both Shinobi and Danger, grant an individual more Chakra to use as they like. So long as they have the chakra for it, they may use techniques of a particular rank.

An individual may learn as many jutsu as they like, without limit. The only limit is in using them.

Danger Rank Jutsu Totals

E Rank : +50

D Rank : +50

C Rank : +50

B Rank : +50

A Rank : +50

S Rank : +50

S+ Rank : +50

Shinobi Rank Jutsu Totals

Academy Student : +50

Genin : +50

Chunin : +50

Special Jonin : +50

Jonin : +50

Jutsu Costs

Each Jutsu Rank has a set amount of Chakra Required to be preformed. Below is a list of both Instant and Maintained chakra costs for jutsu.

D Rank -
Instant : 10 Chakra Points
Maintained : 7 Initial, 3 per round Maintained

C Rank -
Instant : 25 Chakra Points
Maintained : 20 Initial, 5 per round Maintained

B Rank -
Instant : 50 Chakra Points
Maintained : 40 Initial, 10 per round Maintained

A Rank -
Instant : 100 Chakra Points
Maintained : 75 Initial, 25 per round Maintained

S Rank -
Instant : 150 Chakra Points
Maintained : 100 Initial, 50 per round Maintained

S+ Rank -
Instant : 200 Chakra Points
Maintained : 150 Initial, 75 per round Maintained
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Battle Rules.
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