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 Vex Uchiha

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Vex Uchiha

Vex Uchiha

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PostSubject: Vex Uchiha   Vex Uchiha I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Dec - 12:07

Name(required):Vex Uchiha
Clan(optional):Uchiha Clan
Age(Required): 14
Species(Required): Human
Sex:(required) :Male
Sexual Orientation(required): Straight
Blood Type(Optional): O+
Date Of Birth(Optional): July, 1st
Character Personality(Required): Vex is very anti social and un affectionate of others, he was widely known as the boy in class who remained in his corner and never spoke a word.However it has been said by some villagers who have seen him in battle that when his friends or village where in potential peril he was calm as a cat, and as swift as a hawk swooping upon it's prey. Vex is a firm believer in sacrificing ones life should the mission be more important or his friends be endangered.

Looks and Appearance




Body Type/Looks: Vex is what most would consider slim but fit, He may not look strong but he is very muscular and could easily beat someone of equal skill or age in a battle concerning only the use of Taijutsu.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 135 pounds

Makeup/Facepaint: Vex where's Eyeliner to allow his Mangekyō Sharingan to standout

Hairstyle(s): Vex let's his hair fall over his forhead and eyes to obscure his face.

Fear(s)(Optional):Vex fear's water, he witnessed his best friend drown in Konohagakure's lake, water reminds Vex of this occurence as well as how he did not lift a finger to help.
Strength(s)(Required): Vex is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as ranged fighting. Vex is also a natural at genjutsu.
Weakness(es)(Required):Vex is easily beaten by anything involving the element of water. When he was very young his best friend drowned as he watched, too afraid to lift a finger and help. The memory haunts him as he knows he let his friend die. Therefore Water not only can physcially hurt him but mentaly damage him as well.
Personal Quote(Optional): " Would you just shut.... that trap of yours?"

History(required): Vex was born into the Uchiha clan, his parents were killed while defending Konoha from members of the Akatsuki, Many within the clan have said that Vex was the great great grandson of Sasuke Uchiha, but it was all just rumor and speculation, if the boy was related to the famous Uchiha, then no one would ever know. Beginning his training very early under clan's best teachers, when he became of age he was sent to the academy for advanced studies where he excelled and eventually graduated at the age of six. The day after his graduation he and his best friend took a stroll to the nearby lake of Konohagakure, his friend did not know how to swim but usually kept close to the shoreline of the waters, so Vex was not on his guard when he heard shouts and screams for assistance. Running to the water's edge he froze as he witnesses his friend flailing and thrashing about away in the waters, too deep for him to gather a footing. Vex could have saved the boy, could have saved his life and lived on but he was frozen with fear, he had no clue what was wrong with him or what he was doing as he watched his friend die before his very eyes. After awhile the boy's last breath was dispersed, his body floated to the shore and stopped just short of Vex's feet. Vex was terrified, dropping to his knees he poked his friends body , shaking the corpse trieing to get the boy to awaken, he never woke up and the trauma upon the seven year old's mind was great. As he walked away from the beach of the lake, his eyes began throbbing, and soon after his head began to spin, the world spinning around him as well. Vex's Sharingan had transformed into the Mangekyō Sharingan, an advanced form of the Sharingan only obtainable from witnessing the death of ones closest friend.

Vex returned with a heavy heart, and a great pain upon his mind. Training alone from that day forth, Vex refused to allow himself to hold friendships, becoming known as a loner. Where once he was the top student, his grades quickly fell, everyone had though that he had grown weak, and useless. It was not until he killed a sand village genin at the chunin exams that everyone decided that he was more than meet's the eye. Racked with emotional pain, Vex distanced himself from people as well as his family, becoming truly lone over time, his only friendships were those his fists made with peoples faces. Vex only found solace in fighting, and it soon became a hobby of his. Still a hobby of Vex's to this day , he can be found in local home made rings, fighting against other chunin and even sometimes a jounin as civilians would watch and bet upon who they thought the winner would be.

Fourteen years old, Vex was recently declared emotionally unstable and a potential danger to fellow shinobi, so he has been assigned to train under Davorin, so that the Hokage may evaluate and hopefully tame the boy's depression and self hate. Vex only has one other team mate who goes by the name loly, now Vex trains as hard as ever, and still as usual remains silent at most times. He has not socially interacted with anyone since the death of his friend, as it weighs heavily upon his heart every moment of his life.

Father(Required): Deceased
Mother(Required): Deceased
Brother(s)(If any): None.
Sister(s)(If any): None.
Aunt(s)(if Any): None.
Uncle(s)(If any): None.
Significant Other(If any): None yet.
Children(If any): None.

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Kohonagakure
Current Village: Kohonagakure
Clan: Uchiha
Academy Graduation Age: 6
Chūnin Promotion Age: 8
Rank: Chūnin
Ninja Status: Villager
Organization?: ~
Teammates: Starrk, Loly
Sensei: Davorin
Nindo: " I once wanted to be the hero, dreamed of protecting those around me, now i simply do not care. My Nindo way is to test myself and become stronger, without the limitations that friendship brings, if someone should show up and magically change this opinion, then i would commend them for it would be a most difficult task."
Specialties(start with two; Summoning jutsu, ninjustu, genjustu): Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu


Justu: W.I.P
[leave blank except for Kekkei Genkai]

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PostSubject: Re: Vex Uchiha   Vex Uchiha I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Dec - 17:38

One thing, his gennin and chuunin passing age has to be the same as Loly's.
Oh and your pictures for him don't work :P
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Leo Pig
Posts : 202
Location : Sunagakure
Join date : 2014-07-11
Age : 23

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PostSubject: Re: Vex Uchiha   Vex Uchiha I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Dec - 18:38

awesome :D accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: Vex Uchiha   Vex Uchiha I_icon_minitime

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Vex Uchiha
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