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 Kasay Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kasay Uchiha   Kasay Uchiha I_icon_minitimeTue 30 Dec - 2:32

Name: Kasay Uchiha
Clan: Uchiha
Age: 17
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Striaght
Blood Type: AB+
Date Of Birth: May 15
Character Personality: Kasay is a quiet but kind type. He loves children as well as small animals. He doesn't talk as much as normal people would be he still will talk one in awhile. When he does talk he has a bad habit of butting into other people conversations. He likes to sit up in trees and watch the bird and all the other animals go about there daily lives. but despite all this he prefers to do assassinations and intelligence mission. to end there lives quickly and to help his village.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks:
Height: 5'6, 5'10
Weight: 124, 145
Makeup/Facepaint: Konaha symbol on his left shoulder.
Hairstyle(s): Short spiky/messy black hair

Fear(s): Re-living his childhood.
Strength(s): Sharingan, Jutsu mastery
Weakness(es): Genjutsu, Fighting multiple people.
Personal Quote: "Weaklings cant chose their path."

Most people say Kasay was lucky to be born into the Uchiha clan, but Kasay says different. As soon as he was able to walk his father started training him day and night. His father always said that he needed to be the strongest and the best. His mother started getting worried when he would pass out suddenly in the day. His mother argued to stop pushing Kasay so hard but his father wouldn't listen. So he continued to push Kasay to become a true prodigy.

When he turn five his father signed him up for the academy. When he first started everyone seemed to keep there distance from him because he was always quiet and never talked. Then kids started picking on him he quickly showed that he was stronger then them. He wasn't picked on again but people then started making even more distance from him. Kasay made high grades in the academy which gave his father and mother pride. After school he would return home do his homework if he had any thing go out and spare with his father. After a few months he passed the final exam.

Having becoming a Genin he started with d rank missions and a team of two other Genin and a Jonin. There he met the first person that would open up to him, Kasari. Kasari always bothered him every day to train with him but Kasay always turned him down but he never stopped. One day he gave and started training with him. he didn't even last five seconds versus Kasay but he kept getting back up and trying again and again. After spending the day doing this Kasay returns home to do more training with his father. After many training sessions throughout the years Kasay has managed to beat his father more and more.

One month Kasay was told that he was going to have a little sibling. Kasay was very happy and exciting. He begun to start training harder to hold back how excited he was, He even started enjoying the training sessions with Kasari. A couple weeks after he turned seven his mother was rushed to the hospital and being told to wait at the house he waited. When they came home they showed him his little brother, Tye. He got to hold him for the first and last time.

Two nights later he heard his mother scream. He rushed into his mothers and father's room and saw that the window was broken and Tye and his father missing. He asked his mother what happened and she said that Tye was taken in her sleep and that his father went after then man. He helped his mother back into bed and told her to rest. H then went out and went to look for the man responsible for taking his brother. He eventually caught up to his father and found out that he couldn't catch the man. Kasay didn't believe him and rush ahead to try and find him again. He reached the very edge of the border and couldn't find anything. Pent up with rage he punched straight through the tree and unlocked his Sharingan. He went back to his father misrible. His father saw his Sharingan and said "You cared for him that much to unlock the sharingan." Kasay wasn't listening through and went back to his home and feel asleep on his bed.

A few weeks later his father took him to where the would spare and told him he was going to rain his Sharingan. Kasay didn't know whet he meant but through long and hard training he that took a few months to complete he was able to use the sharingan at will. Soon the Chunin exams started and he wasn't really excited as nothing really did anymore, But Kasari was going crazy he just couldn't hold it in. The chunin exams were a tournament based set up where if you won a match you would pass but the loser would move on to the next fight giving them more chances if they didn't win there match. He was in the first fight versus someone he never even heard of. He won it in the first few seconds. After that he watch the rest of the tournament out of boredom.the person he defeated in the first round never won and so he was the only one that didn't pass.

After he became chunin he started to do solo missions such as stealing something going our and guarding someone things that he could do on his own. He has favored these types of missions for what ever reason and it didn't take long for him to become a Jonin. one of the youngest Jonin in the history of the village. He received the advancement when he completed an s rank mission by himself. He killed an entire gang of missing nin who were said to be Jonin level. He simply walked up to them asked if they were the notorious group. They said yes and he rushed them. He used his sharingan to the greatest effect. When he returned he was almost dead from blood loss. Fearing the worse they were ready to take out his eyes and give them to his father as his father wanted. But in the end he woke up. He stayed there for a few more days and then he was released. He was soon contacted that he was to be Jonin. He didn't care because it didn't affect him.

One day when he went home he walked in and it was quiet for some reason. Useaully his mother would be singing in the kitchen. He rushed into the back yard and saw his Father slit his mothers throat. Kasay yelled "Mother!" and started crying while sliding down to his knees asking his father asking why he killed her. He said because "She was a nocince." Kasay struck out in rage with a power he didn't have at the time the Mankekiyo Sharingan. his moves producible. His father activated his sharingan and they fought for the rest of the night until noon in the morning. Kasay came out on top. He picked up his fathers body and carried him to the hospital where he told the doctor to take his fathers eyes and put them into his. they did it after the operation he told them they could do what they want with his fathers body and even through they tried to get him to rest more because it would take seven days for recovery he didn't care. he walked the administrator building and signed up to become an ANBU.

Family: Uchiha
Father: Malkith Uchiha
Mother: Mary Uchiha
Brother(s): Tye Uchiha
Sister(s): N/A
Aunt(s): N/A
Uncle(s): N/A
Significant Other: N/A
Children: N/A

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Konaha
Current Village: Konaha
Academy Graduation Age: 5
Ch┼źnin Promotion Age: 13
Rank: Anbu
Ninja Status: Villager
Orginazation?: N/A
Teammates: N/A
Sensei: Malkith Uchiha
Nindo: "To be the strongest"
Chakra Element: Water, Fire.
Specialties: Genjutsu Taijutsu

Sharingan [stage 5]
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Kasay Uchiha
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