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 Otori, Shirakawa

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Otori. Shirakawa

Otori. Shirakawa

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PostSubject: Otori, Shirakawa   Otori, Shirakawa I_icon_minitimeMon 29 Dec - 2:51

Name: Otori, Shirakawa
Clan: None
Age: 13
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual(?)
Blood Type: A+
Date Of Birth: 02/02
Character Personality:

A calm girl, she is often keeping to herself, and not paying attention to the world around her, finding life to be easier in her mind than to pay attention to all that goes on around her. She likes being alone, left to watch without being observed, but does not like being apart of social settings, mostly because of how everyone watches her and avoids her as best they can.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Thin, curvy
Height: Part I - 4'11"
Weight: Part I - 110 lbs.
Makeup/Facepaint: None
Hairstyle(s): Straight hair, with long sideburns, and a ponytail that begins at the top of the head, and flows downward. Bangs come to just above the eyes.


Going through life stuck in the same place.
Going through life being hated.

People Watching
Slight of Hand
Not showing emotion

Short Attention Span
Lack of Emotion/Energy
Is a sap for sad stories(Can't resist helping those who have had a tough life, or claim to have had one)
Often doesn't try as hard as she could

Personal Quote: N/A


Born to a noble family, but not a shinobi family, her family wished for higher standing within the village, and instead of marrying off any children they had into a shinobi family, they agreed to something they belived easier and better for them : Making their youngest child the bearer of the 7 Tailed Beast.

Her parents had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They had been trying to have a greater impact upon day to day running of the village, and the village elders had the 7 tails sealed away within a special jug, but wished to use it as a weapon as the villages did once, long ago.

Her parents misunderstood, believing this to be a great honor, but they were wrong. It was not long before the beast tried to break out during one of her tantrums, and many of the highest ranked shinobi had to come to seal it back away. This happened many times, until she had learned to speak in complete sentences. At this time,her parents brought in special tutors to teach her to not give into emotion, but they did not tell her that if she did it would release a monster.

That they kept hidden, despising any emotion from her, good or bad, and instead of making her emotionless, she learned to not care. She still had things she enjoyed, she just didn't express it at all. Dancing was the only thing she could do to keep herself from simply laying down and fading away to nothingness.

She learned all kinds of dancing, from lands no one had ever even heard of; She leaerned to waltz, to tango, to "belly dance" as it was known, and that was her prefered form of dance. It was free, and required no "partner," she could do as she pleased.

Because of the trouble the beast had caused during its first few years within her, the village resented her and her family, and her parents blamed her for it, because she could not control her outbursts when she was young. Though she does not let it show on the outside, it hurts every time someone gives her a dirty look or makes a derogatory comment under their breath about her. It simply gives her more reason to not care, and to dance her pain away.

Family: Otori Family
Father: Otori, Takeda - Head of the Family
Mother: Otori, Hibiki - Female Head of the Family
Brother(s): Otori, Umuku - Elder Brother, runs a store to keep the family's money coming in, next in line for Head of House.
Sister(s): Otori, Shiragawa - Elder Sister, works in the village police force, no shinobi training.
Aunt(s): Otori, Kaede - Married into the family, she oversees the maintenance of the estate.
Uncle(s): Otori, Takeo - Brother of Takeda, helps him with his political agenda.
Significant Other: N/A
Children: N/A

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Sand Village
Current Village: Same as Birth Village
Academy Graduation Age: N/A
Ch┼źnin Promotion Age: N/A
Rank: Academy Student
Ninja Status: Villager
Orginazation?: N/A
Teammates: N/A
Sensei: N/A
Nindo:[Your ninja way!]
Chakra Element: Wind, Lightning
Specialties: Taijutsu(Primary), Ninjutsu(Secondary)
Weapon(s): N/A

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Leo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: Otori, Shirakawa   Otori, Shirakawa I_icon_minitimeMon 29 Dec - 2:58

Great :D your accepted!
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Otori, Shirakawa
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