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 Hiruma Sagaku

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PostSubject: Hiruma Sagaku   Hiruma Sagaku I_icon_minitimeSat 27 Dec - 23:35

Name(required): Hiruma Sagaku
Clan(optional): N/A
Age(Required): 46
Species(Required): Human
Sex:(required)  Male
Sexual Orientation(required): Straight
Blood Type(Optional):
Date Of Birth(Optional): 7/14
Character Personality(Required): Loyal, dutiful, and a very patient teacher.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks:  
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 153 lbs
Makeup/Facepaint: N/A

Fear(s)(Optional): -
Strength(s)(Required): Analytical, loyal to the death, quick reflexes
Weakness(es)(Required): Can only release himself from up to C-rank genjutsu via Kai, is weak at hand to hand fighting.
Personal Quote(Optional): -

History(required): Born in Sunagakure, Hiruma attended the Ninja Academy at age 8 and graduated from it at age 11. He excelled in ninja weaponry, specifically thin, sharp tools. He discovered strings and wires and learned the basics of wire combat on his own. Having learn some of the basics and showing great potential, he eventually met a master and the previous sucessor of the wire weaponry battle arts. In just two years, Hiruma displayed immense talent for the combination of chakra manipulation and control with thin strings to turn wires to lethal, all-purpose weapons. He became a Chunin at age 13. Soon, he mastered the use of wires and collected a variety of different brands to constantly refine his skills with it. At age 17, he was taught all of the advanced and some of the forbidden techniques of the wire art by his teacher and the title of "Successor" to the skill was passed on to him when Hiruma reached 20. By this time, Hiruma endured harsh times in Suna and also became a relatively well known hero and ninja during the Great Ninja War that occured between this time, earning him his two ninja aliases as his legacy for his unique style in approaching from using his wires. Since he is a master at the wire weaponry arts and became the successor, he was the most greatest and powerful wire user ever of his generation, unrivaled and unbested by anyone else who would use it. His expertise in it allowed him to attain Jounin rank at age 21 and became very famous among them at that time. Hiruma had a valued attraction towards collecting special wires designed for combat. His main brand of wires is a non-conductive, extremely flexible, light, and thin metallic wires. The wires he treasured all of his life and would never leave led him to make some constant but minor modifications to it after each battle. They were strong as they were composed of the toughest and hardest of the chakra-conductive metal (nicknamed the "Hien" metals) and sharp enough to cut even diamond in a solid form. He also had a brand of very long microfilaments that appeared as thin strings and whe combined with chakra, was near the efficiency of Hiruma's metallic wires. His moniker was "Dread", and he was also known as "Judge of the Sky". For several years, Hiruma taught many Genin cells but not many of them were successful. Around age 29, he had a student named Watari Dorunezu and he hammered the wire weaponry battle arts into him after Watari took a pecular interest in it. As both of their skills refined themselves, Watari soon rivaled then surpassed Hiruma's profiency and skill with wires. With that, he passed on the title of "Successor" of wires to Watari as he became the most greatest master of wire weaponry during Watari's path to becoming the new ANBU Captain. Now "second," Hiruma settled down from front-line duty from believing that he's getting old for combat but has yet to retire. As an experienced fighter, Hiruma is now the village's "trashman" and sometimes a bodyguard to his student.

Father(Required): Dead
Mother(Required): Dead
Brother(s)(If any): None
Sister(s)(If any): None
Aunt(s)(if Any): None
Uncle(s)(If any): None
Significant Other(If any): had a wife who's now dead
Children(If any): Had a daughter who's dead

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Sunagakure
Current Village: Suna
Academy Graduation Age: 11
Chūnin Promotion Age: 13
Rank: Jounin
Ninja Status: Villager
Orginazation?: N/A
Teammates: N/A
Sensei: Doflamingo Lubbock
Nindo: To fight to the bitter end
Chakra Element: Wind, Earth
Specialties; Weaponry, Ninjutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Hiruma Sagaku   Hiruma Sagaku I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Dec - 5:09

^-^ Purrfect Wattieh<33
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Hiruma Sagaku
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