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PostSubject: Katokari   Katokari I_icon_minitimeThu 25 Dec - 20:00

Name: Katokari
Clan: None
Age: Nineteen
Species(Required):[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc]  Human
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: A+
Date Of Birth: Aug 10th, 1995
Character Personality:
Reserved, quiet, shy.. Three words that explain the Kazekage well but she isn't just that. Katokari is sharp tongued and minded, she's stubborn to the bone. She loves her village with every inch of her being and would die to protect them. She's loyal but also doesn't trust easy or love others easily.

Looks and Appearance

Katokari Sunaaa; Katokari Katokari

Body Type/Looks:  Katokari has a slim body build with dark red hair..
Height: 5"6
Weight: 100Lbs
Makeup/Facepaint: black eyeliner/eye shadow around her eyes
Hairstyle(s): Usually wears it down when she's wearing her Kazekage kimono and when she's in 'street' clothes she wears it up in pigtails.

Fear(s): Katokari doesn't really fear anything, or she won't admit to it.. She fears that she will not live up to her grandfather's legacy and become a kazekage that the Sandvillage can be proud of.
Her love for her village overwhelms most things, she would rather die then let her village be put in danger.  
The ability to control sand, Katokari inherited Gaara's ability to control sand
her love for her village; not only is this one of her strength's it is also a weakness. Due to her doing anything for her village she most likely would be easily manipulated into doing something she might not do if her village was in danger.

Personal Quote:
"You will become what you believe you are"


Will be shown as the roleplay goes on.

Father: Akahoshi (Gaara's Great Great grandson) -Deceased
Mother: Kyou -Deceased
Grandfather(s): Gaara and Unknown.
Grandmother(s): Both Unknown.
Brother(s): None.
Sister(s): None.
Aunt(s): Unaware of any. Akahoshi had a sister but never spoke of her.
Uncle(s):  None
Significant Other: None
Children: None!

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Sunagakure
Current Village: Sunagakure
Academy Graduation Age: Six years old
Chūnin Promotion Age:  twelve
Rank: Kazekage
Ninja Status: Villager
Organization?: None
Teammates:  Hasme.
Sensei: None
Nindo: Follow your heart and be true to your village.
Chakra Element: Wind,  Earth.
Specialties; Summoning Justu and genjustu.
Weapon(s): Sande Gorge.

[Leave blank except for Kekkei Genkai]
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