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 Degan's Earth styled jutsu's

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Pisces Buffalo
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PostSubject: Degan's Earth styled jutsu's   Fri 1 Aug - 14:41

Name: Earth Barrier jutsu
Rank: C-rank
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Element: Earth

Type: Defensive


Range:C-rank: 15 meters

Speed: ( After Handsign Completion ) A-rank: 20 meters a second

Size:A-rank: 15 meter diameter

Duration: 2 post's

Cooldown: 2 post's
Description:the user handsigns then sticks his hands into the ground, a dome of earth Then rises from the earth and covers the user or an ally.  the target inside cannot attack or be attacked

Chakra used to activate ( B-Rank, 20 chakra point's used to activate ) Chakra used to maintain  ( B-Rank, 10 chakra points per post )

Name:Fists of multiple material Jutsu

Rank: B-Rank

Specialty: Taijutsu

Element: Earth

Type: Offensive

B-ranked: 1.5 inch cuts, bruising, minor second degree tissue damage and fracturing of the bones.

Range: Striking range

Speed:B-rank: 10 meters a second

Size: Gloved upon both fist's.

Duration: 2 post's

Cooldown:2 post's

Description: the user handsigns and sticks his hands into the earth. He/She then withdraws his hands with gloves of rock, stone, dirt, whatever they placed their hand's into after commencing the handsigns.
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Leo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: Degan's Earth styled jutsu's   Fri 1 Aug - 17:18

Dude, you should really no underestimate yourself, this looks good! Approved
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Degan's Earth styled jutsu's
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