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 Kumagawa Techs

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PostSubject: Kumagawa Techs   Fri 1 Aug - 3:38

Rank: C-A
Specialty:Kekkei Genkai
Duration:As long as active
Description:As its name implies, the Byakugan is just that, a featureless white eye that can occasionally possess hints of blue-gray and lavender, respectively. When the Byakugan is activated, the user's pupils become more distinct, and the veins near their temples bulge, representing the sudden chakra activation that makes the doujutsu possible. All members of the clan possess and can use the kekkei genkai from birth, as opposed to needing to awaken it. Byakugan gives the user a near 360 degree field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the third thoracic vertebra. With this vision, the Hyuuga can see through solid objects, and can use a degree of telescopic sight up to a maximum standard distance of 600 meters. However, by holding a single seal (tiger), the user may enter a "focused" state and increase their range up to a maximum of 800 meters; they must remain still during this enhanced sight, and due to their attention (and sight) being well beyond their immediate surroundings, are quite vulnerable to assaults. Finally, one of the greatest uses of the Byakugan is the ability to see chakra, chakra flow as well as the chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail. It is from this particular ability that they are able to employ their ultimate attack style - the Gentle Fist.

Name:Leaf Gale
Range:3 meter
Speed: Instant
Duration:1 post
Cooldown: N/A
Description: This technique is a good example of how even simple taijutsu can become a pre-eminently destructive, lethal technique. The attack is a simple rear spinning low kick, but a strong enough user can send a large adult flying as if they weighed nothing. The goal is to throw the enemy off balance, and deal damage to the lower half of their body.

Name:Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hidden Mist Technique
Element: Water
Type: Supplementary
Range: Aread 50 feet
Speed: Forms Quickly
Size:40 feet
Duration:5 posts
Cooldown:4 posts
Description:This displacement technique is a speciality of the ninja from Kirigakure, where one causes a mist to spring forth by lifting up some water from either a pre-existing source or expelled from their mouth,then goes in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. It can't fool the Byakugan, but, due to the mist being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan and Rinnegan-user will see the mist coloured by their opponent's chakra, which will effectively hide the user from the dōjutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Kumagawa Techs   Fri 1 Aug - 8:16

looks great!! approved
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Kumagawa Techs
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