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 Yato, Azumi

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PostSubject: Yato, Azumi   Yato, Azumi I_icon_minitimeMon 28 Jul - 7:17

Name(required):Yato, Azumi
Sexual Orientation(required): Bi-Sexual
Blood Type(Optional):O-
Date Of Birth(Optional):April 1st
Character Personality(Required): Azumi is sharp but sweet, intelligent and brave but can also be stubborn and cold to others, loyal to those who she puts her trust in. Will fight anyone who challenges her without backing down..

Looks and Appearance
(without her cloak) (with her cloak)

Yato, Azumi 15y8bw9Yato, Azumi 2643uc6

Body Type/Looks:Azumi mirrors her mother, she has long grayish blue hair with fair gray eyes, average skin tone.. She is tall and lengthy; reaches 5"10 and weighs around 115. Most days she will wear a cloak with a hood pulled over her head blocking the view of what her facial features are; sweet and innocent yet could hold her own against whatever foe is put up against.
Height: 5'10
Weight: PArt 1 130, part 2 115(due to lack of food over the past years)
Makeup/Facepaint: nope
Hairstyle(s):Look at pictures for different styles

Fear(s)(Optional):Nothing, except for the death of someone close to her
Strength(s)(Required): she is good at Steal and Combat, having spent the past few years in hiding
Weakness(es)(Required): she is not very good at sharing or displaying her emotions, tending to hide them under a mask of sweet, or angry
Personal Quote(Optional): "Test me and you will die... no exceptions"

Azumi was born and raised in Kirigakure. There she lived with her older brother Yato, Haru and her parents who disappeared when she was only 9 and her brother only 12. From then on she took responsibility of her sibling and raised him, helping him through his training as well as working on hers, excelling quickly in her studies and justu's, a few years after her and her brother became Jounin's, her brother married and she became an Aunt.

When the third child was born was when the trouble began for the Yato clan, bets and depts. created by her father was thrown onto them without their knowledge, missing nin targeted the Yato clan and murdered Haru and his wife leaving the children.

As soon as she had gained knowledge of the trouble, Haru told his sister to leave the village and hide, to become a missing-nin, though she protested her brother forced her to leave.

her whereabouts are now unknown to the Yato Clan.

Parents: whereabouts unknown(thought to be deceased)
Brother: Yato, Haru. ~ Deceased
Significant Other(If any):not yet
Children(If any):none

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Kirigakure
Current Village: None
Academy Graduation Age: 8
Ch┼źnin Promotion Age: 10 (she was a prodigy)
Rank: Jounin or B-ranked
Ninja Status: Missing nin
Orginazation?: None Yet
Bijuu [Tailed Beast]?: Shukaku
Teammates: None
Sensei: None
Nindo:to do what needs to be done in the shadows.
Chakra Element: Earth,Water,Fire,Boil release
Specialties:Ninjustu Taijustu (and because she i B-ranked i get a third) Genjustu
Weapon(s): [Leave blank for now]

[Leave blank except for Kekkei Genkai]
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Yato, Azumi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yato, Azumi   Yato, Azumi I_icon_minitimeMon 28 Jul - 7:21

Looks good so Approved!
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Yato, Azumi
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